About Us

About Us

They say love goes through your stomach, and that’s definitely true. The way you cook and how your loved one prepares food or what they eat is very important in a relationship. With that in mind, we created Meet Your Foodie, a website where people can connect with one another, talk about the foods they enjoy and immerse themselves into the world of fine dining and drinking.

Our website is a dating service focused on your great taste of food and passion for cooking. It’s an incredible way to meet new people and even start dating based on personal food preferences. We are offering a vast range of features like free chat, virtual and real gift options, professional search system, private photos and many others. It’s an incredible achievement and one that helps push the boundaries in a clever and rewarding manner.

We believe that Meet Your Foodie is the ultimate solution for fun, creative dating. It’s exciting, it allows you to have fun meeting new people while also talking with them about food and their preferences. Our search system is designed to help you find people that share your ideas and preferences. We make the entire process of finding people with similar tastes very simple and convenient, and you will appreciate the tremendous value and quality.

Our focus is always on making your experience better, and that’s why we have a dedicated support line you can use at any given time. Just consider giving it a try and the results can be second to nine every time.

Gone are the days when you just had to look at a set of photos to pick your date. Meet Your Foodie goes well beyond that, allowing you to connect with people, talk about food and drinks, all while becoming friends or even lovers. Try us out today, create an account and enjoy a cool new way to start dating people!